Jemmott, J. B.,III, Jemmott, L. S., & Fong, G. T. (2010). Efficacy of a theory-based abstinence-only intervention over 24 months: A randomized controlled trial with young adolescents. Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, 164(2), 152-159.

Program Evaluated Promoting Health Among Teens! Abstinence-Only Intervention
Evidence of Effectiveness Yes
Study Rating and Explanation HighRandom assignment study that met all criteria for a high rating; findings show a positive, statistically significant impact for at least one behavioral outcome
Review Date April 2010

Program Information

Program Type

Program Type is Abstinence-based Abstinence-based
Sexuality education
Programs for special populations
Youth development

Program Length

Program Length is Fewer than 10 sessions Fewer than 10 sessions
10 to 20 sessions
More than 20 sessions

Evaluation Setting

Evaluation Setting is Afterschool/community-based After school/community-based
Health clinic
Elementary school
Middle school
High school
Multiple settings
Specialized setting

Study Sample

Average Age Group

Average Age Group is 13 or younger 13 or younger
14 to 17
18 or 19

Majority Racial/Ethnic Group

Majority Racial/Ethnic Group is African American African American


Gender is Both genders Both genders
Female only
Male only

Research Design

Assignment Method Randomized controlled trial
Sample Size 268
Number of Follow-Ups 5
Length of Last Follow-Up 3

Study Findings

Sexual Initiation/Abstinence +
Recent Sexual Activity +
Number of Sexual Partners 0
Frequency of Sexual Activity Not measured
Contraceptive Use and/or Consistency 0
Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) or HIV Not measured
Pregnancy or Birth Not measured