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Teen Health Project

Program Overview


Kathleen Sikkema, Ph.D. and Jeffrey A. Kelly, Ph.D.


Program Summary

The Teen Health Project (THP) is a community-level HIV-prevention intervention that helps adolescents develop skills to enact change in themselves and the community. The program provides continued modeling, peer norm, and social reinforcement for the prevention of HIV risk behavior. THP consists of five core components:  small group workshops, follow-up sessions, a teen leadership council, parent education, and a community campaign. Adolescents participate in educational workshops, and nominate their peers to serve on a Teen Health Leadership Council. The Health Council plans regular community activities and events featuring HIV-prevention messages. The parents of participants are offered an educational workshop focused on HIV/AIDS information and approaches to discussing abstinence and condom use with their children. 


Target Population

The program is designed for adolescents ages 12 to 17. It was evaluated with adolescents in low-income urban housing developments. The developer notes that the program is suitable for adolescents from various communities.


Program Setting

The program was designed for and evaluated in community-based organizations.


Contact and Availability Information

For curriculum, materials, and pricing information, please contact:

Sociometrics Corporation
1580 W. El Camino Real, Suite 8
Mountain View, CA 94040
Ph: 650-949-3282

For training and support, please contact:

See above

Sample of curriculum available for review prior to purchase: No

Adaptation guidelines or kit available: No

Languages available: English