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Seventeen Days (formerly What Could You Do?)

Program Overview


Julie Downs, Ph.D., Pamela Murray, M.D., M.P.H., Wandi Bruine de Bruin, Ph.D., and Baruch Fischoff, Ph.D.


Program Summary

Seventeen Days (formerly called What Could You Do?) is a theory-based interactive DVD designed to educate young women about contraception and STDs. The DVD presents the viewer with different scenarios involving decision that young women face in relationships. Participants can practice what they would do in similar situations through the frequent use of "cognitive rehearsal."


Target Population

The intervention was designed for sexually active girls ages 14 to 19. The original DVD was evaluated with predominately African American teens who were patients at an urban health care clinic. A more recent study evaluated the program with White teens who were patients at health clinics in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.


Program Setting

The program can be implemented in any setting where participants can use the DVD privately, such as in a health care clinic setting, a classroom, a computer laboratory, or at a library where individuals could check the DVD out to use on site or at home. It was evaluated in a health clinic setting.


Contact and Availability Information

For curriculum, materials, and pricing information, please contact:

Carnegie Mellon University
Attn: Seventeen Days
SDS, Porter Hall 208
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3890
Ph: 412-268-3249

For training and support, please contact:

See above

Sample of curriculum available for review prior to purchase: Yes

Adaptation guidelines or kit available: Yes

Languages available: English