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Seventeen Days (formerly What Could You Do?)

Program Components

Program Objectives

The goal of Seventeen Days is to prevent HIV and STIs by improving young women's ability to make less risky sexual health choices. The video features six vignettes that follow different story lines with a unique set of issues and possible outcomes, identifies choice points in the story, suggests risk-reduction strategies, and allows viewers to practice what they would do.


Program Content

The intervention is based on a "mental models" (a person's thought process about how something works) approach of understanding perceptions of risk. The video addresses potential gaps in adolescent girls' mental models of STI risk. The video consists of six vignettes, a condom demonstration, and mini-documentaries, which together cover the following topics:

  • Sexual situations, in which a female character negotiated for safer outcomes
  • Risk reduction, in which the concept of relative risk was explained and applied to sexual behavior
  • Reproductive health, including anatomy, and physiology
  • Gynecological exam, including asking for birth control
  • Sexually transmitted infections, explaining viruses, bacteria and eight common STIs.
  • Hormonal birth control, including a behavioral focus on how to choose and adhere to a method


Program Methods

The program is currently delivered through the interactive DVD. A mobile app is also expected to be available beginning in April 2015. Usage of the app will be linked to a website with an educator portal for tracking milestones.