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Get Real (Middle School)

Implementation Requirements and Guidance

Program Structure and Timeline

The Get Real (Middle School) curriculum is delivered in twenty-seven 45-minute sessions over three years, with nine lessons each in grades 6, 7, and 8.



Teachers chosen to implement Get Real (Middle School) should have a high level of comfort in discussing sexuality with students. Educators interested in implementing this program should be skilled in using interactive teaching methods and guiding group discussions, and should be familiar with the program content.


Program Materials and Resources

ETR provides a supplemental activity kit to accompany the middle school curriculum that includes scenario cards, wall signs, and posters.


Additional Needs for Implementation

Core intervention materials consist of a binder with lessons, test question blanks, student workbooks and teacher's guides for grades 6, 7, and 8, and a protection methods kit.



None specified.


Training and Staff Support

Staff Training:

Get Real (Middle School) teachers are required to attend the Get Real curriculum training offered by Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, ETR or a certified Get Real replication partner. Training involves a self-guided online course, followed by a two-day in-person training.

Teachers are also provided two follow-up sessions when they begin teaching Get Real in the classroom and receive ongoing online support through the Teacher Resources area of the Get Real website: Teachers who complete the training are eligible for continuing education credits.

Technical Assistance and Ongoing Support:

Ongoing support is provided to teachers through the Get Real website at Features of the website include:

  • Digital access to Get Real lessons, Family Letters, Family Activities and Teacher’s Guide
  • A library of thoughtfully selected resources and the most up-to-date information in the field of sexuality education
  • A database of vetted answers to frequently asked student questions
  • An online community for Get Real educators to share ideas, resources, and classroom successes and challenges 
  • A blog that provides views from the classroom and best practices directly from PPLM’s Get Real educators


Allowable Adaptations

If necessary, lessons can be taught in 90-minute blocks.