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Program Components

Program Objectives

The Generations Program aims to provide comprehensive medical care and support for young parents and their children. The goals of the program are to prevent repeat pregnancies and strengthen the mental and physical health and well-being of teen parent families.


Program Content

The Generations program is a multidisciplinary, family-centered, integrated model of health care service delivery for teen parents and children within the primary care setting. There are three primary components of the Generations program:

  1. Well Woman/Well Child Care: where teen mothers, fathers, and their child(ren) receive medical care from the same provider, in the same setting, and during the same medical visit (e.g., a mother can receive reproductive health services when she brings her child for a well-child visit).
  2. Intensive Social Work Services: Each teen parent family is assigned a social worker who supports the family, and provides services during medical visits and between visits as needed. The social worker conducts needs assessments and addresses the many social determinants that are often barriers to health among teen parents.
  3. Mental Health Screening and Treatment: Every teen parent undergoes a battery of mental health screenings to address a range of psychological concerns, including mood, trauma, and interpersonal violence exposure. These screenings, as well as developmental and behavioral health screening of  their children, are conducted as a routine part of medical care. Brief and long-term mental health treatment, parent coaching and support, are provided by licensed social workers and psychologists on staff as needed.


Program Methods

The Generations program is not a curriculum-based intervention. The Generations program offers services at a family-centered clinic, through regular medical check-ups for both the child and mother in the same visit. Comprehensive social work services and mental health screening and treatment are provided at the same medical clinic both during and between medical visits as needed.