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Positive Prevention PLUS

Implementation Requirements and Guidance

Program Structure and Timeline

The curriculum consists of thirteen 45-minute lessons intended to be taught on 13 consecutive days. It may be adapted for weekly presentations,  and also as multi-hour workshops. The ideal class size is 12 to 30 students in the same age group (for example: middle school or high school). Independent Study and Special Education versions are also available.



The program should be delivered by a credentialed health teacher or health educator who has completed the two-day Positive Prevention PLUS curriculum training.


Program Materials and Resources

Available tools and resources for the program are:

  • High school sexual health curriculum (three-hole punched with tabs, shrink-wrapped)
  • High school sexual health workbooks in English and Spanish
  • Family home assignments
  • Black line masters for overhead transparencies
  • Masters for student activity cards
  • All teacher support materials downloadable from the Positive Prevention PLUS website, including slides, sexting powerpoint, Safe Surrender video clips, STI photos, and parent materials in Spanish and English


Additional Needs for Implementation

Additional materials for implementation include student workbooks or duplicated student worksheets, duplicated activity cards, video about persons infected with HIV, sample contraceptives, supplies for Exchanging Body Fluid activity, and a projector with sound.



Pre-Post tests, fidelity monitoring logs, logic model, and observation forms are available from the developer.


Training and Staff Support

Staff Training:

The developer strongly recommends that educators who plan to teach Positive Prevention PLUS receive a two-day training.

The two-day teacher/staff training is provided by by Cardea Services for $3750, and includes an orientation to sexual health education, values and attitudes; state laws (if applicable), and previews and teach-backs of all lessons.    The training hours are 8am to 3pm.

Technical Assistance and Ongoing Support:

Technical assistance is available by contacting:   Cardea Services  
Phone: 510-835-3700


Allowable Adaptations

The developer provides guidelines for "green light, orange light, and red light" lesson modifications based on the curriculum's logic model as well as suggested adaptations for transitional and high risk youth.