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Positive Potential

Implementation Requirements and Guidance

Program Structure and Timeline

The 3-year program is delivered in five 45-50 minute classroom sessions on consecutive days, and one end-of-the-year class assembly per year.



Classroom sessions are led by a male-female facilitator health education team. Facilitators may be school teachers or from outside organizations. All facilitators participate in a training program and practice teaching.


Program Materials and Resources

A complete Facilitator Manual is available that includes the theoretical framework, objectives, and a list of all materials needed for daily class sessions.  The facilitator guide is scripted, including student prompts to ensure program fidelity.  Also included is a flash drive with all necessary PowerPoint slides and videos as well as a copy of the student journal.


Additional Needs for Implementation

Not specified



The Facilitator Manual is designed to promote fidelity to the program.  Additionally, Facilitator and Classroom Fidelity Monitoring Tools are available from the developer.  Training from PATH staff prior to implementation is encouraged to ensure a higher level of fidelity to the program.   PATH can also provide an outline for the End-of-Year-Assembly. However, to ensure fidelity to the model, it is recommended that PATH be hired to present this portion of the program.  The assembly features a 3-screen production that may be difficult to implement with fidelity. 

Benchmark guidelines and evaluation of fidelity and implementation procedures (including surveys to be completed by students, school teacher, and the program educator) are available from ITMESA, LLC, Z. Harry Piotrowski (Email:


Training and Staff Support

Staff Training:

All facilitators participate in a 2-day training program and teach-back sessions. Training includes a review of the theoretical framework and objectives of the program.  Instruction on how to follow the layout of the Facilitator Manual and practice with various demonstrations is also provided.

Technical Assistance and Ongoing Support:

PATH, Inc. provides support to organizations while they are providing services.


Allowable Adaptations

PATH, Inc. will work with organizations to ensure that the program meets the needs of the students and communities being served. Specific adaptations are allowable in consultation and collaboration with PATH, Inc.