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Love Notes

Implementation Requirements and Guidance

Program Structure and Timeline

Love Notes consists of 13 lessons, which can be implemented according to the needs of participants and the organization delivering the program. The lessons may be taught individually or in groups of lessons. When the program was evaluated, program delivery took place over two consecutive Saturdays, which comprised 11.5 hours of instructional time.          



Instructors must be familiar, comfortable, and successful in reaching their targeted youth population. Instructors must be trained by a Dibble certified trainer in the Love Notes Evidence Based Program Model (LN-EBP), which includes facilitation techniques and fidelity guidelines.  


Program Materials and Resources

Intervention materials include:

  • Love Notes Instructor’s Manual with EBP Model
  • Love Notes Participant Workbooks
  • Colors Personality Sorters
  • Reflections - DVD
  • All Falls Down  - DVD (African American Youth)
  • Toothpaste - DVD (Allowable adaptation for Hispanic Youth)
  • Human Reproduction and Childbirth - Thumb Drive
  • Birth Control Brochure
  • HIV Facts Brochure
  • STD Facts Brochure


Additional Needs for Implementation

A computer and projector are needed for each lesson’s PowerPoints. Other materials include art supplies, candies, and other readily available teaching materials.

All other needed materials including brochures and DVDs can be purchased from the Dibble website –




The following fidelity aids and checklists are included with the EBP Model Manual:

  • Annotated slide deck to focus the instructor on key content.
  • Observational fidelity tools for coaches and evaluators
  • Facilitator quality measures
  • Participant reaction questionnaire
  • Participant perceptions of facilitator engagement and group cohesion questionnaires
  • Love Notes knowledge test
  • Inventory of related scales that can assess attitudinal and behavioral outcomes regarding sex, relationship quality, communication, conflict, control, violence as well as mediators.


Training and Staff Support

Staff Training:

To maintain fidelity, training of all Love Notes instructors by a Dibble Master Trainer or a Certified Dibble trained trainer is required.   Love Notes EBP training is delivered over three days. It may be scheduled in a central location with multiple agencies attending or hosted by an agency with their staff. Training of Trainers is also available.   Please contact or 800-695-7975 for more information.

Technical Assistance and Ongoing Support:

Training clients receive technical assistance as part of their training package. Love Notes offers 2 hours of complimentary consultation per organization that have attended a Dibble training. In addition, further TA and evaluation is available.


Allowable Adaptations

Love Notes adaptations are permitted by the program’s developer in order to be more suitable for a particular population (i.e. visual learners or a particular racial/ethnic group) or an organization’s setting or program structure without compromising or deleting its core components.   For federal grantees, potential adaptations of Love Notes may need federal approval. Adaptations to the medical information provided in Love Notes may require a medical accuracy review and also approval by the funder.
For activities that directly relate to Love Note’s content, organizations may:

  • Add additional content from the Love Notes Complete Instructor’s Manual based on participant need and available time.
  • Include Love Notes activities for expecting and parenting teens.
  • Exchange “All Falls Down” for “Toothpaste” DVDs based on participant need.

For activities that do not directly relate to Love Note’s content, organizations may:

  • Change the first names in the scenarios to reflect the participants’ culture and gender.
  • Add icebreakers or energizers at the start of each session or between modules if delivering during an extended period of time.

Program Delivery:

  • Deliver lengthened sessions.
  • Increase the number and frequency of Love Notes sessions.
  • Use exercises, share facts, or make reminders about key concepts as part of booster text or sessions.
  • Provide make-up sessions.
  • Use modules with young adults up to age 24.

Unallowable Adaptations

  • Delivery without using the Love Notes PowerPoints and Participant Journal.
  • Delivery by a facilitator who has not attended a LN-EBP Dibble Certified Training.
  • Skipping content or activities from the Evidence Based Model.
Adaptations are not encouraged when the purpose is to make it easier or more convenient to implement the program; to stick to what is familiar; to drop controversial topics; or because educators lack appropriate training or preparation.   

All adaptation changes must be reviewed and approved in the context of maintaining fidelity to the core components.