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Possessing Your Power

Program Overview


Original Developer:  Creola Collins-Reese, B.A., M.A., PLPC
Model Developer and Purveyor:  Lighthouse Outreach Incorporated


Program Summary

Possessing Your Power is a multi-component intervention program that focuses on character development and youth empowerment for adolescents. The program addresses nine risk behaviors, including drugs, alcohol, tobacco, premarital sex and teen pregnancy, violence/crime, pornography, gambling, school dropout, and technology/social media. The curriculum materials on sexual activity take an abstinence-centered approach.


Target Population

The program is designed for youth ages 10-18. The program serves “at-risk” youth grades 6-12 with a specific focus on middle school youth and males.


Program Setting

The program is designed to be delivered in a variety of settings, in or out of school, including community and faith-based settings, and mentoring and service learning programs. Possessing Your Power was evaluated in a community-based setting.


Contact and Availability Information

For curriculum, materials, and pricing information, please contact:

Lighthouse Outreach
29 Joynes Road
Hampton, Virginia 73666
Office:  757-827-7787   (See Yes!Dare2Dream Curriculum)

For training and support, please contact:

See above.

Sample of curriculum available for review prior to purchase: Yes

Adaptation guidelines or kit available: Yes

Languages available: English