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Heritage Keepers Abstinence Education

Program Components

Program Objectives

The program seeks to enable students to understand and value the benefits of abstaining from sexual activity outside of marriage. It teaches students the related resistance skills and tactics that help them practice abstinence and build healthy relationships without having sex.


Program Content

Heritage Keepers Abstinence Education draws on 14 theoretical models (described on their website: The program consists of a five-session curriculum focused on sexual abstinence. The core components of the program are:

  1. Sexual Abstinence: The New Revolution. This section defines abstinence and explains the benefits of abstaining from sex until marriage.
  2. Section 2: Family Formation. This section covers anatomical information about the male and female reproductive systems, pregnancy, and births. It also discusses family goals and marriage.
  3. STD Facts: This section provides information about sexually transmitted diseases and it discusses how to refuse sex in different settings.
  4. Love, Lust, Infatuation: This section asks students to distinguish between love and infatuation and to identify the traits they desire in a committed partner. It discusses how to cultivate a relationship without sex.
  5. The SAFE Plan: This section reviews a four-step plan for resisting sexual activity and includes role-playing exercises to help students practice it.


Program Methods

Heritage Keepers® Abstinence Education is delivered by educators trained and certified by Heritage Community Services. Students participate through discussion, writing exercises and activities.