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Program Components

Program Objectives

HORIZONS seeks to reduce STIs by: 1) improving STI/HIV risk-reduction knowledge; 2) improving condom use skills; 3) improving communication with male partners about safer sex practices; 4) reducing the frequency of douching; and 5) facilitating male partners' access to STI screening/treatment.


Program Content

The group sessions are interactive and help train teens in assertive communication skills to negotiate abstinence or safer sex. The program also teaches condom use skills, and participants must complete homework assignments involving the male partner. The program materials are targeted to motivate gender and ethnic pride.

Four follow-up booster; calls reinforce the prevention information provided in the group

Participants are also given a $20 voucher redeemable by their male partner(s) toward the cost of STI services.


Program Methods

HORIZONS is delivered through small, interactive group workshops that include games, group discussion, condom demonstration,  and brief follow-up phone calls.