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Implementation Requirements and Guidance

Program Structure and Timeline

The program is designed to be delivered in a health clinic or a community-based setting to groups of up to twelve youth. The core program includes two 4-hour group sessions, 15-minute follow-up phone conversations held at three to four weeks, 10 to 12 weeks, 6 to 7 months, and 9 to 10 months after the second workshop, and vouchers for STD services.



The group sessions should be facilitated by two skilled African American female health educators.


Program Materials and Resources

The following program materials are available through the distributor:

  • HORIZONS User's Guide
  • HORIZONS Facilitator's Manual (2 copies for each health educator)
  • Journal Pages copy maters (2 packets - 1 per workshop)
  • Handouts copy masters (2 packets - 1 per workshop)
  • Game Pieces (2 packets - 1 per workshop)
  • Poster copy masters (2 packets - 1 per workshop)
  • Phone Sessions Manual
  • Training Manual
  • Fidelity Kit
  • Local Evaluator Consultant Network Directory
  • Set of Original Evaluation Instruments
  • Prevention Minimum Evaluation Data Set (PMEDS)

While a free sample curriculum is not available, providers may purchase an automatic digital download of the user’s guide to review program components, core competencies for facilitators, and scientific evidence of effectiveness. If providers decide to purchase the program, the price of the download is deducted.


Additional Needs for Implementation

Materials required for the delivery of the program include condoms, personal lubricants, and penis models.



HORIZONS has a fidelity toolkit/checklist and tools for monitoring program implementation. These may be accessed on the Sociometrics website:


Training and Staff Support

Staff Training:

There is no required training for this program. Providers interested in training should contact Sociometrics.

Technical Assistance and Ongoing Support:

Sociometrics provides telephone technical support on implementation and evaluation for one year with purchase of the program materials.


Allowable Adaptations

All adaptations must be approved by the developer, in consultation with the distributor.