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It's Your Game: Keep It Real (IYG)

Program Overview


Susan Tortolero, Ph.D., Christine Markham, Ph.D., Ross Shegog, Ph.D., and Melissa Peskin, Ph.D.


Program Summary

It’s Your Game...Keep it Real (IYG) is a classroom and computer-based HIV, STI, and pregnancy prevention program. It consists of twenty-four 50-minute lessons delivered during 7th and 8th grade. In each grade, the program integrates group-based classroom activities (e.g., role plays, group discussion, and small group activities) with personalized journaling and individually tailored activities that are computer-based.


Target Population

The program was designed for urban middle school youth in grades 7 and 8, ages 12 to 14. It was first tested with youth in grade 7, who were primarily Hispanic and African-American. More recently, it has also been evaluated with White and Hispanic adolescents in 7th and 8th grades. 


Program Setting

The program was designed to be implemented in various settings, including in-school or after school and also includes a computer-based component. It has been evaluated in both urban and rural middle schools.


Contact and Availability Information

For curriculum, materials, and pricing information, please contact:

Efrat Gabay
UT Health – School of Public Health
7000 Fannin, Suite 2656C
Houston, TX 77030
Ph: 713-500-9624

For training and support, please contact:

Benaye Bell
Ph:(713) 500-9601l

Sample of curriculum available for review prior to purchase: Yes

Adaptation guidelines or kit available: Yes

Languages available: English